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Package Contents & Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions:

Lay the four side panels next to each other with the slits and tabs aligned
between the panels as shown in the pictures below:

  1. Lift the side panel (A) with the label at the top & snap the center tab into the center slit of the adjacent panel (B).
  2. Lift the side panel (C) with the label at the top & snap the center tab into the adjacent panel (D) with the label at the top.
  3. Insert the tabs of the top panel (E) of the catcher (the one with the four openings) into the slits in panels (A) & (B) attached side panels and snap the tabs into the slits of those panels & do the same with the bottom panel (F). Note: The white label on the bottom panel must be on the ground side.
  4. Attach previously assembled side panels (C) & (D) to side panels (A) & (B) & top panel (E) & bottom (F).
  5. Snap all the tabs into their adjacent slits.
  6. Stand the catcher upright with the FlyCatcher-R labels at the top & panel (E) with the openings at the top.
  7. Remove the protective covering from one of the catching sheets and place it evenly over one of the openings in the top panel to completely cover the opening. Continue this action with the 4 of the 8 catching sheets provided.
  8. Fill provided plastic bag with water or suitable material to weigh down the unit.

The Predator Shield

The transparent Predator Shield protects the catching media from birds. The Shield fits into the top of the FlyCatch-R over the catching media and is held in place with Velcro.

Where To Place your FlyCatch-R

Locate the area where fly patterns have been observed or there have been incidents of fly bites. To be most effective, the top of the FlyCatch-R must be clear of objects (inside a structure, under a tree, on a covered porch) which may prevent exposure to the sky The FlyCatch-R should be placed several feet away from people to draw the flies away from people & into the catcher. Set the FlyCatch-R in the chosen suitable location & place the filled plastic bag inside the unit in the center of the bottom panel (F). It may be hour before the flies begin entering the catcher. It may be necessary to move the catcher several times to establish the best catching location. Each catching sheet can capture up to 1000 flies. As the catching sheets are filled with flies, peel them from the top panel folding in half on the catching surface & disposing of them in an appropriate trash container. Do not remove any of the catching media until it is completely covered with flies.

FlyCatch-R Maintenance

Maintenance is simply matter of changing the catching media on a regular basis. The FlyCatch-R should be inspected weekly during the peak of the fly season. At each inspection, captured flies should be removed and disposed of. The captured flies usually die in less than 24 hours and soon dry up and decompose. Catchers perform best when the catching media is not completely covered with flies which can result in obscuring the light through the top of the FlyCatch-R. Regular disposal of captured and dead flies results in a more captures per hour.

The Catching Media

The Catching Media is a specially formulated coating which is non-toxic does not contain attractant and never hardens. It has a very strong catching capability so once the flies have landed or contacted it they cannot escape.

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